Wavetrac ATB Limited Slip Differential Install

It is basic understanding that while increasing the power output of your car is great, this often comes with reducing grip. The term 'one wheel peel' or 'one tyre fire' is a common phrase used when a car is no longer able to transfer the power efficiently through both axles (or all for the 4WD'ers). An LSD then becomes necessary to enable the ability to lock the axles, preventing the inside wheel from spinning.

When an axle loses traction, this results in all of the energy being transferred to the path of least resistance. The addition of an LSD will keep this inside wheel locked however, meaning the car can take the tighter line without being pushed wide due to loss of traction. On the road, the lack of an LSD can sometimes can carry more consequences as a loss of traction on one wheel is a lot more common and can easily shoot you off the road with it being much tighter than a track.

Originally when building my car in late 2016, I purchased a Quaife ATB LSD to combat the torque steer with it being high HP/Torque FWD. I found it to be fantastic on the road, and a very worthwhile modification, however a few track days in, I started to see the negatives.

While the Quaife is an LSD, it is an automatic torque bias differential meaning it still can suffer from lost load. I was spinning the inside wheel still and got very frustrating when the car would push wide instead of stay tight.

The solution? Many people would suggest a plated LSD with it having a lot of track use, however for all the track action the car sees there are a lot more road miles. With the car still being used a lot on the road, I decided to go with the Wavetrac ATB LSD and test it out first hand on road & track.

The fact the Wavetrac is still an Automatic Torque Biasing differential means is does not suffer the downsides of a plated differential. There is no need to service after any mileage, and it is silent in operation. It is a fit & forget item with a lifetime warranty.

We fitted the new Wavetrac unit in-house, which was a case of removing the gearbox, splitting down and inspecting. Once inspected to ensure it was good to go into the car, we removed the OEM ring gear and it was put onto the Wavetrac using Loctite. Fresh Timekin bearings were pressed on and it was time to put the gearbox back together.

Paired with Motul 75w140 Competition gearbox oil, which made the gearbox a lot smoother, the Wavetrac operates seamlessly. This was a huge selling point, the ability to operate as smooth as an OEM unit, whereas a plated differential can often ruin the driving experience on the road.

We will be doing a full track test using the Wavetrac LSD very soon, and judging by the initial road driving, we will not be disappointed.


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