The Helix Autosport Performance Clutch & Flywheel Kit is a must have for tuned second generation MINI's. 






The 6 paddle plates are designed for race/track use - capable of withstanding 295lb/ft of torque (401Nm)






The paddle plates are designed for a lot more track work than the organic plate. While the pedal feel is still reasonable for a paddle clutch, the bite is much more fierce as a result of the ability to withold the high torque outputs when tuned.






Lightened Flywheel






The Helix Autosport Performance Clutch Kits come complete with a Helix Autosport lightened flywheel, which is just half the weight of the standard item. This makes for a much more responsive engine due to the weight savings. 






What's in the box









  • Helix Clutch Cover

  • Helix Clutch Release Bearing

  • Drive Plate (Organic or Paddle)

  • Lightened steel Flywheel







Please Note - These clutches do make a noise when in operation at slow speeds such as pulling away, this is normal behaviour. 


Helix Autosport Performance Clutch & Flywheel Kit For R56 MINI

Drive Plate




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