The JCW Brembo Brakes are a known weak point on R56 MINI's when on track. The thin OEM disc size makes it very hard to dissipate the heat, leading to cracked discs & poor pedal feel.


After testing a couple different setups, we believe this gives the best possible outcome for braking performance whilst still retaining the OEM Brembo calipers.


The simple fix is to upgrade to a dedicated big brake kit, such as the K-Sport; however for some, retaining the Brembo's will make for an easier journey back to stock should they want to sell up.


Other pads will be available for this kit should you wish, contact us to discuss possibilities.


Nitrac Discs


The reason Nitrac Discs are included in this kit is due to the heat treatment (DCT) they go through. This makes them far less prone to cracking when under extremely hard usage and heat cycles.


Goodridge Lines


Braided lines are a must when undertaking any track driving. The OEM rubber hoses will expand and contract under hard usage, leading to a spongy pedal. Braided stainless steel lines keep the consistency in the pedal throughout heat cycles.


ATE Typ200


Like braided lines, upgraded Dot4 fluid is one of the first things you should be doing to your car prior to track driving. The boiling point is significantly higher meaning you can prolonge the life of the brakes before the pedal starts to go spongy.


Ferodo DS1.11


A proven track pad, which offers great feel and stopping power. Not recommended for road usage due to their temperature range.

JCW Brembo Track Pack Upgrade