On any car, brakes are not to be dismissed. The K Sport Big Brake Kit is one of the best upgrades you can do to your car. Available in a number of different colours, they also look the parts as well. 





Please note: Some wheels will require a spacer depending on offset and spoke design. If you are unsure on wether they will fit, please send an email to Ben@ShiftCompany.co.uk and we can provide you with a template.






Rotor Options:






As standard, fixed rotors are included in the base price. Whilst these are fine for road use and for the majority, fine for light track use, we would recommend upgrading to the floating rotor option. The 2-piece discs massively reduce the stresses caused by the heat that goes through them under harsh useage. For track cars the floating rotor option is a must. Every disc is heat treated and balanced before shipping for the



best possible performance. 












K Sport Brakes are available in 4 free colours - Black, Red, Yellow and Orange. For an additional £140, you can specify a custom colour.






There are also a few different high end finishes available - Chrome, Gold and Neo-Chrome (Titanium). These finishes are all special order, so please email us first to discuss these.






Please note custom colours are a special order item and may increase the lead time on kits.












The standard K Sport UK brake pads are fine for normal road use, however for higher horsepower vehicles we would strongly recommend upgrading the pads. For fast road/light track use we recommend the Ferodo DS2500 pads. If you are spending regular time on track we recommend the Pagid RS29 pads. There are a number of other pad options so please email us if your choice of pad is not listed.








K-Sport 356mm Big Brake Kit for MINI F56