Liteblox are at the forefront of the Lithium Ion Motorsport batteries. They utilise the latest technology to ensure the performance is there and there are no compromises.


The LB14XX comes in at 14XX grams, which for example, is 20kg less than an OEM R56 MINI & other BMW battery. 


Although the LB14XX is rated for 2-3 weeks of inactivity, we highly recommend you use a trickle charge on this item to keep it at 100% health. 


Technical Data


  • Weight: 14XXg**

  • Dimensions: 123 x 97 x 100mm (l x b x h)

  • Voltage: 13,2V / 14,6V (nom / max)

  • Capacity: 7,5Ah / 22,5Ah (nom / Pb-eq)

  • Cranking current: 360A / 450A* (10s /1s pulse)

  • Temperature: -20 to +80°C

  • Lifespan: 3-5x compared to the OEM battery*

  • Connection: OEM clamp onto the battery poles (DIN) or via ring terminal (M8)

  • Certificates: product complies with directives 2001/95/EG 2011/65/EU 2006/66/EG

  • Delivery scope: LITEBLOX LB14XX + pole caps + mounting material V2A + sticker + manual.


Liteblox LB14XX Lightweight Battery