When applying sunstrips to a MINI, the problem many stumble upon is the curvature of the windscreen which leaves the sunstrip forming a big arced shape.


These sunstrips have been pre-cut, to massively reduce this arc and have them sit a lot flatter across the screen.


The sides and top are oversized, this means the fitter can dictate how low it can be down the windscreen.




Fitting these sunstrips should be done in a clean & dry work environment (a second person also helps). To start off, use a dedicated glass cleaner to clean the windscreen, pillars and roof above the glass.


The next step is to measure your desired depth. Personally, I recommend sitting in the car and lowering your sun visor and having the sunstrip come down to the bottom of that.


Once marked out (I like to put a piece of masking tape down the A-Pillars), get a spray bottle with soapy water and wet the screen. This aids in getting the fitment perfect.


Peel the backing and place the sunstrip onto the wet screen, then move it into place using the pieces of masking tape as reference. Once in place, use a squeegee to anchor the sunstrip by pushing the water out from underneath it. Start from the middle and work your way to the edges on this step.


Once you have worked your way along the vinyl, pushing the water out from underneath it, it is now time to cut the excess vinyl.


Use a sharp scalpel to cut along the top window seal and down the A-Pillar trims and then continue to squeegee the vinyl into place.


After all of the water is out, I recommend lightly heating the sunstrip with a heat gun on low heat to make sure all the glue has activated and it sticks properly.


MINI Pre-Curved Sunstrip in Satin Black