Get your driveline completely sorted with this clutch & LSD package. The TTV Organic clutch is a fine way to handle all the torque produced by your Gen 2 MINI. Whilst handling all the torque (rated to 475nm) without sweat, it still manages to retain OEM feel. This means you are not struggling to drive your car around town as you would with a paddle clutch. 


Pair this OEM-like clutch with an OEM-like LSD and you're on to a winning combo. The Wavetrac ATB LSD is the best ATB LSD on the market (fact). Using a patended 'Wave Hub', this device is in the centre of each Wavetrac unit and this is the magic behind how these differentials are so good. The Wave Hub creates internal load within the diff, meaning that traction is not lost in the event of wheel slip, where all other ATB LSD's would fail. Whilst offering such great performance, the Wavetrac is able to do so with ZERO noise in operation nor do they need any maintenence. They are also covered by a LIFETIME WARRANTY.


Engage in this offer and save £140 over RRP. This kit includes:


- Wavetrac ATB LSD 

- TTV Organic Clutch & Flywheel Kit

- Timken Differential Bearings

- 2L Motul Gearbox Fluids 

Wavetrac ATB LSD & TTV Clutch Package for Gen 2 MINI